With a consumer base of 26.3 million the volume alone makes the Nordic retail market attractive. The total Nordic food market – with an estimated value of approx. 83.3 Billion EUR – is continuously expanding with both traditional trade and e-commerce. Demands are constantly rising as consumers become more and more aware and interested in food, ecological products and household assortment of higher quality.

Furthermore, the Nordic market benefits from a general strong economy in each of the four Nordic countries having consumers with spending power, a well-functioning infrastructure and a large number of retailers spread out over the region.

The food industry is currently seeing intense consolidation. This is having a significant impact on the market conditions with rising demands on efficiency and purchasing strength, just as logistics and supply chain management in areas of increasing importance.

Total food market; source is United Nordic

 Total Nordic Food Market:  

  • 26,3 mill Consumers
  • 74,5 bill Euro turnover Retail
  • 12 bill Euro turnover Foodservice

Private label goods are playing an important role. Knowledge about specific customer needs has become important key to targeting the increased segmentation of consumers.

To meet these challenges, United Nordic has developed a collection of clear and distinctive concepts that meet the consumers needs.

  • We are constantly striving to increase the integration of retail and wholesale activities.
  • We have the negotiation power and implementation strength vis-à-vis suppliers.
  • We are able to utilise the advantages from economies of scale through our solid Nordic presence.

Being the only large-scale food purchasing organisation, operating in all four Nordic

Countries, United Nordic has brought the Nordic market together in a unique way. Hence, we are in a unique position, being able to tailor our purchases to meet the specific tastes and demands of consumers in the Nordic countries, combined with the advantages that come from joint purchasing on a Nordic level.


The Nordic Retail Market

The Nordic retail market is dominated by 4 big groups; Ica, Coop and Reitan Group (Rema 1000) and United Nordic. Lidl is established in 3 markets and Dansk Supermarket Group has established Netto in 2 countries.


The Nordic Foodservice Market

 United Nordic is the only player on the Nordic foodmarket that delivers goods via all channels in 3 countries; retail, institutional market, convenience, gas stations, offshore, cash & carry, hotels, restaurants, schools and kiosks. Our owners are the main supplier to the entire food market in the Nordics.

Through ours foodservice operations in Asko (N), Axfood Närlivs (S), Martin&Servera (S)and Foodservice Denmark (DK) are we covering the needs of our customers.