All suppliers

Legal Requirements
As a general rule, suppliers to United Nordic must comply with all applicable European laws and regulations related to the specific product group(s) that United Nordic member companies procure.

Human Rights & Labor Rights
A) All suppliers must sign United Nordic’s Code of Conduct, which essentially requires suppliers to map the risks of violating human rights and workers’ rights through-out the entire supply chain, followed by mitigating and remedying these risks with adequate actions. The United Nordic Code of Conduct is a part of the United Nordic Framework Agreement.

B) Suppliers with production located in risk countries*, and who are supplying to Axfood, Tuko or Unil, must also sign BSCI’s Terms of Implementation either ”for producers to be monitored” or ”for partners not to be monitored” depending on if the supplier has its own production in a risk-country or use sub-suppliers.

*) Risk countries according to definition by BSCI; Business for Social Compliance Initiative

Read more about Responsibility here.

Food Suppliers
Suppliers of food shall fulfill the requirements laid down by Global Food Safety Initiative or ISO22000 and provide valid certificates. Certification schemes are continuously being benchmarked by GFSI. For an update of accepted schemes, please visit

Pet-Food Suppliers
Food Safety – Suppliers of food shall fulfill the requirements laid down by Global Food Safety Initiative or ISO22000 and provide valid certificates. Accepted food safety standards can be found at

Suppliers of Food of Animal Origin
Applicable for meat from chicken, lamb, beef, pork

A) Animal welfare shall be accommodated through-out the supply chain in the manufacturing of products of animal origin.

B) Antibiotics given to animals shall be restricted and wisely used.

Suppliers of Processed Meat
Suppliers of processed (cured) meat products must be able to print country of breeding on the packaging.

Tuna Suppliers
A) Tuna suppliers must be able to guarantee that tuna is caught without harming dolphins.

B) Tuna suppliers shall be able to confirm that all tuna used for this contract is caught in a legal way – and meets all the non-EUU regulations of the European union as laid down in EU council regulation 1005/2008 dated 29sept -09 and surveying regulation 1010/2009 published in EU official letter l280.

Suppliers of Frozen and Shelf-Stable Fruit & Vegetables
Suppliers of frozen or processed fruit and vegetables, which can provide evidence that the fruits or vegetables are certified according to Global G.A.P. or IP Sigill, or other internationally recognized schemes for integrated production, are preferred.

Suppliers of Household Cleaning Products
Applicable for laundry detergents, softeners, window spray, kitchen spray, bathroom spray, all-purpose cleaner, wash-up liquid, dish-wash powder/tabs and related items

A) Suppliers of household cleaning chemicals shall fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001 or BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products and provide valid certificates. Safety assessment of products will be verified by an external competent party.

B) Suppliers of household cleaning chemicals must be able to generate material safety data sheets in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish languages.

Suppliers of Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products
Applicable for shampoo & conditioner, liquid soap, shower gel, hand & body lotion, shaving products, deodorants, hair styling, tooth paste, wet-wipes and related items
Suppliers of personal hygiene products shall fulfill the requirements of ISO 22 716 + ISO 9001 or ISO 22716 + BRC for consumer products.

Product Testing
All products are tested before being put on the market to verify that each item is safe to consume or use, and that the quality is according to the agreed specifications. Random samples are taken, depending on risk, to verify shelf life, nutritional values and traces of pesticide. Sensorial testing is done both in-house by a small panel, and externally by a panel of 60-70 consumers. No samples will be launched unless the consumer panel has approved the products.