tenderOnline – web-based tenders
United Nordic’s tenderOnline is a secured, web based, collaborative tool, which enables United Nordic and its suppliers to manage their interactions on-line during the tender process. United Nordic will handle all future tenders in this tool. Please note that the tool is not handling web auctions.

tenderOnline is accessible through the following address: www.tenderonline.unitednordic.com

From a supplier perspective, tenderOnline includes the following:

  • A Supplier Self-Registration functionality Suppliers are requested to register all relevant data needed to become a qualified supplier for United Nordic. Once the data is registered, and the supplier has a login, subsequently only updates of supplier data are required.
  • Support for the RFP-step of the tender Suppliers will be invited to the tender by an e-mail and prompted to place their bids directly into tenderOnline.

Which technology is needed to use United Nordic’s tenderOnline?
The service is web-based and designed to be accessible for any buyer or prospective supplier using a computer, (PC or Mac) equipped with a dial-up Internet connection and recent mainstream web browser software, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or later, Chrome version 5 or later, or Firefox version 4 or later. The service is designed to be viewed at a display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or above.

Who should I contact if I need support how to use tenderOnline?

Supplier Self-Registration
United Nordic encourages all suppliers to register through the Supplier Self-Registration process of the system, which is the first step towards being invited to United Nordic tenders. The Self-Registration process might take up to 1 hour and it can be done at any time. When you have submitted your registration and been approved by United Nordic, you might get invited to tenders within the categories you can supply.

We look forward to seeing your registration at tenderOnline.