Product & Packaging Quality Policies

All products are tested before being put on the market to verify that each item is safe to consume or use, and that the quality is according to the agreed specifications. Random samples are taken, depending on risk, to verify shelf life, nutritional values, contaminants, and traces of pesticides. Sensorial testing is done both in-house by a small panel, and externally by a panel of 60-80 consumers or professional chefs. No sample will be launched unless the external panel has approved the products.

The packaging for our privat label products is also very important. They shall be constructed to avoid unnecessary waste and be easy to recycle. They shall also be designed to reduce transport of air. The material shall be tested to verify the suitability for the specific product within, and documentation of the analysis and result shall be provided.

Apart from our own product quality requirements, which are updated annually, many of our products shall also offer added value such as organic, vegetarian, KRAV certified, MSC, Nordic Swan Label etc. The requirements for each product within a tender is specified in a purchasing specification, which contain detailed requirements on both supplier, product and packaging.