United Nordic have high demands on our suppliers. All our suppliers shall work systematically with ensuring food and product safety and quality. This shall include working to identify, evaluate, prevent, and mitigate the risk of fraud, threat and sabotage. Both from insiders within the own company but also from external sources.

Equally important is that non-European suppliers understands and fulfils the European legislation. The European legislation does not only cover legal requirements regarding the actual products, but also requirements regarding organic farming and production, packaging, pesticides used in the primary production, traceability etc

Suppliers who are based in, or source ingredients from countries classified as “Risk Countries” according to amfori BSCI, are screened in our due diligence process in every tender.

United Nordic strives to be frontrunners within safety, quality, CSR, health, environment, climate and animal welfare. So suppliers can expect our requirements to be higher than the prevailing EU legislation, and that they are updated annually.